Fire Damage Emergency Tips

When a fire occurs, practice safety measures that save lives and property. Everyone should leave the building and meet in pre-agreed upon safe outdoor spot. Families and employers should practice regular fire drills to ensure safety in the event of a real fire situation. Call an emergency number quickly to get rescue ambulances and firetrucks to the scene. People get attached to their belongings, but in a fire situation, it is imperative for everyone to exit the structure safely. Remember, human safety comes first, and most belongings are replaceable.

Steps to Take After a Fire

Don’t reenter building until it is deemed safe. Take care when assessing fire damage, and avoid touching/cleaning electrical appliances. Electricity can flow through water, shocking individuals, sometimes fatally. Call a fire damage restoration company immediately following a fire that results in smoke or fire damage. Wet materials are much heavier than when dry, use extreme caution when lifting. Take care not to slip-and-fall when inside the fire damaged structure.

It is crucial to limit any movement because dirt and soot particles may become embedded in fabrics and upholstery. Put clean and absorbent towels onto any wet or otherwise damaged furniture, rugs and any highly trafficked areas. Cover air registers with taped double cheesecloth layer. HVAC filters need changed. Wash houseplants, including leaf undersides. If electricity goes off, prop open freezer and refrigerator doors after emptying contents. Clean chrome using petroleum jelly or suitable oil.

Things to Avoid After Fire

Never clean carpets, upholstered furniture or walls without calling a fire restoration expert. Avoid turning on lights and ceiling fans if wet. Throw out canned food and foods store near fire zone. Don’t take clothing to an ordinary dry cleaner.

Follow these post-fire emergency tips to lesson smoke/fire damages. Contact a reputable fire restoration company promptly.