Smoke Odor Removal Process

HOUSE ON FIREAn effective smoke odor removal process should begin rapidly following fires that cause undesired smoke odors. Unpleasant smoke odors may last for decades if the smoke damaged items are not cleaned properly and quickly. Contact a smoke damage professional for the best smoke odor removal treatment proven to eliminate smoke and other odors safely, efficiently and quickly. We call it our Technologically Advanced Vapor System.

A. Pinpoint odor source, then remove smoke odor source from the structure. Also, take pictures of damaged items that will need to be replaced. Have your smoke removal contractor also take pictures for your adjuster. Never toss beyond repair personal belongings until your adjuster gives the ok, or you may not get reimbursed. Removing the odor source effectively stops much of the smoke odor progression.

Beyond repair items may be pinpointed by a structural engineer. If any structure framing has damage of approximately 1/4 inch into the frame, it may need intensive clean-up efforts or total removal. There are instances where a second structural beam may need to be placed alongside the damaged one for safe support purposes.

B. Drywall can typically be cleaned if up to 80% of it is smoke damaged. However, when smoke damage and odors have penetrated into the spaces behind the drywall, that drywall will need to be replaced if it cannot be saved.

Tiles can often be cleaned to a pre-existing state. Sometimes the tile surface cleans nicely, but the grout remains damaged. It is likely best to replace any damaged grouting. Your Fire Damage Contractor will be able to help you with this easily.

Solid material countertops such as Formica and granite, generally are cleanable. The underside surface should be sealed if smoke odor or damage is found on the underside.

C. Smoke damage progresses with time, so fast clean up efforts are advisable. If a carpet has only a minimal amount of smoke damage, often is able to be cleaned. Replace carpets with more extensive damage. Again never remove anything from your property until your adjuster says the insurance company will pay to replace these items.

If smoke damage penetrates to the underneath laminate flooring foam layer, that foam layer and the laminate will require replacement. Real engineered and wooden floors may be sanded down, then refinished to remove smoke damage. Damaged insulation always requires quick removal. This statement is only true with outdated methods. We have successfully saved insulation with our Technologically Advanced Vapor System.

D. Clean everything else as per the recommendation of a smoke damage expert. Thorough and complete cleansing can save many smoke damaged items. Use the appropriate chemicals or call for expert smoke damage help.

E. Find a smoke damage company that offers TAVS™ – the technologically advanced vapor system™ sure to remove stubborn smoke odors swiftly. This intense odor eliminator treatment is highly recommended to save money and get peace-of-mind. This revolutionary odor eliminating system works faster, usually after 24 hours, and is completely non-toxic and safe to use. This vapor system is safe for delicate objects. It leaves NO residue and totally safe.

F. Hire a smoke damage company that does NOT utilize ozone treatments, OZONE DOES NOT WORK. Have all smoke damaged items that can’t be removed specially sealed to protect against further damage. In warm weather, heated wood structures not sealed properly tend to expand, resulting in smoke seepage, which will smell bad. It is prudent to have a professional completely seal in any of these damaged points to ensure continued fresh air quality.

Smoke damage is always an unwanted guest. With OUR professional smoke odor removal process, building structures and valuable belongings have better chances for complete restoration. Safety should always be in mind when dealing with the aftermath of fire or smoke damage situations. Ask about the TAVS™ offer that is able to stop smoke and other odors in record time. Contact a local smoke damage professional to rid your home or business of any residual smoke damage or odors.