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Technologically Advanced Vapor System™


Hi, my name is Joe Crivello-Sorensen with aces environmental. I am coming to you today to talk about our Northern California local Low-Cost Time-Saving Technologically Advanced Vapor System™. Smoke smell and toxin removal from your home or business are much more advanced than just a few years ago. My company AmeriDri worked the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires in Colorado Springs Colorado in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2012 we had the Waldo Canyon fire, which was like the recent fire in Northern California due to a large number of homes that burnt to the ground in a populated area. Thousands of homes burned in these high-end neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Because of the large number houses that burned, there was a lot of unknown toxins that got airborne and entered the homes and businesses left standing. We could never know what type or amount of toxins entered people’s homes, we only knew that the possibility was greater than the impossible. Again, if you have an actual indoor fire, like a kitchen grease fire, it would be easy for an adjuster to pay your claim. But a fire that shows no evidence of damage is not so easy for an adjuster to pay your claim. That’s where our experience with dealing with insurance companies for over 20 years with fire and smoke damage claims, comes in handy. Northern California, sustained great damage from the fire. It is my experience that the houses left standing were not so lucky because the claim process is usually a nightmare. Our process was used to clean the Government buildings in the 2001 anthrax scare. It would be impossible to know or test for all the toxins that got airborne and filtered through your home, we can only assume the worse and do our best to bring your home back to pre-loss condition. We perform before or process and after our process VOC testing to show how much of a reduction we achieved with our Technologically Advanced Vapor System™. In 2012 we didn’t have this current technology, and it took us weeks to do what we can now do in 24 to 72 hours and do a better job, which we prove with VOC testing. Your nose is the only test we need for proof that the smoke odor is gone. If you need to be back in your home in 24 to 72 hours so you can get back to life, give us a call. Our process is completely safe for you, your family, and pets. Once the cleanup is complete you can start to enjoy your home again. Thank you! CALL 415-860-1597 or 650-573-1923

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Hi folks Joe Crivello Sorensen here with Ace’s environmental. I want to talk today about using your insurance for a claim you might have in Northern California that has had a loss due to smoke coming into your home and the smell of smoke and you’re trying to make a claim. You need somebody that understands insurance and understands the claim process to help you through the claim process. Let me go back again to when I had my company for 27 years in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2012 we did the Waldo Canyon fire and in 2013 we did the Black Forest fire. Both fires were in El Paso County, which includes Colorado Springs, Colorado area. I remember the very first job I went to, the house smelled like smoke, but it wasn’t a strong smoke smell, but I could smell it every time I walked in the front door. I remember meeting the adjuster for the first time and he looked like he was probably 18 or 19 years old. This adjuster had very little experience, he said that he was a certified adjuster. Here’s the scoop. To become a certified adjuster, you only need to take a 40-hour class and you become a certified adjuster, so I don’t know about you, but it takes a lot longer than that to understand any professional work choice! How CRAZY is that? Back to my story. Here’s what happened to the homeowners from my first adjuster encounter. The couple has a 5000 square-foot house that sustained smoke smell & toxins. The adjuster offered the homeowners $500 bucks right in front of me, so I said to the adjuster, “are you crazy” $500 bucks will not do anything, that amount of money will not even buy them a basic maid service cleaning. I tried to explain to the adjuster, we would need to start at the ceiling and work our way down to the floor with HEPA vacuuming and cleaning. The adjuster did not agree with me at the time, but I eventually got the insurance company to pay my invoice which was over $40,000.00. AmeriDri, my company, became the smoke restoration company that got home and business owners every penny they deserved in the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire and the 2013 Black Forest fire. I was the first one to bring in the thought that toxins were entering these homes, not just smoke. Just because it was invisible, didn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of toxins in their homes or businesses, because we didn’t know what was in all the homes that burnt to the ground. I was able to negotiate with my client’s insurance companies and get a few of my clients upwards of $500,000 where the homes needed new stucco, roofs, windows, decks, carpet, and new paint throughout the homes due to extreme heat from the fire around these homes. We just want you to know, you don’t need to go negotiate with your insurance company on your own. If you have never dealt with the insurance claim process, use a smoke remediation company that’s got extensive experience. You deserve a fair settlement from your insurance company, and that is what we are good at. We have the knowledge and the understanding because we spent three years getting homeowners and business owners every penny they were due from their insurance companies, from the fires in Colorado in 2012 and 2013. You need a restoration company that understands this industry and understands that just because your house only smells like smoke and you don’t see black soot on the walls, floors or furnishings, there is more going on in your home. The bigger problem is all the toxins that entered your home or business that is most likely not being addressed. You are going to need an honest local smoke restoration company in your corner, to help your claim process go smoothly and fairly. We don’t make money helping with the claim process, we just make sure you get everything you deserve without a fight. Insurance claims are simple when the fire started in your home and the interior of your home is full of black soot. The adjuster can look at the home and agree you have a claim. It’s not so simple when the interior of your home looks un-damaged, that is where a restoration company like Fire Damage Hotline is worth their weight in gold. We are here for you, day, or night. thank you for listening. CALL (415) 860-1597 or (650) 573-1923 For Immediate HELP!

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Technologically Advanced Vapor System™


Hi Joe Crivello-Sorensen with aces environmental. If you have decided you are NOT using insurance, or you don’t have insurance, we are here to help you through this trying time. We want to take some of the stress away for you by offering our exclusive let’s talk easy terms campaign. We are a local Northern California company that has vast experience in smoke odor and toxin removal. We want to be able to help you through this tough time with our extremely affordable smoke odor removal process. We know the amount of labor involved in outdated traditional methods could cost you a fortune. Our system is so advanced we call it our Technologically Advanced Vapor System™. Our exclusive process saves you a lot of time and money. if you’re not using insurance or you don’t have insurance we want to talk to you. We offer FREE no-obligation quotes. We help people that live paycheck to paycheck or they just don’t have a lot of extra money laying around because they have three kids in college, etc. All the bills that we all face every day in our lives can sometimes overwhelm us, so we just don’t have that extra money to pay for projects like smoke and or toxin removal from our homes or businesses. You can’t have your house being full of smoke smell and even worse full of dangerous toxins. If you need help, take advantage of our easy terms, and get back in your home quickly. Thanks so much. CALL 415-860-1597 or 650-573-1923